Kwévoél celebrated its 28th birthday in 2011 and is still under the same Ownership. As a community newspaper it serves the community in the Thabazimbi municipal area which includes four mining houses and an extensive farming community. The newspaper has its Own print shop and an average of of the contents of each issue is printed in full colour. The Thabazimbi Bushveld has developed over the last two decades into one ofthe main destinations for

tourists from Gauteng. Marakele National park, one Of SANPark's big five parks, is only 10km out of Thabazimbi, situated in the Western end Of the Waterberg and forms part of the Waterberg Biosphere. With its close proximity to Sun City and Pilansberg Nature Reserve, Thabazimbi as destination is only an hour's drive away. Since the days of the old Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek, with Paul Kruger as President, this area has ecome renowned for its abundance Of game and is still one Of the favourite hunting spots drawing hunters from all Over the world.



Vital Statistics


17 Second Avenue, Thabazimbi, 0380
P.O. Box 163, Thabazimbi, 0380

Tel: 014 777 1621/2


Languages Afrikaans, English
Print Order 3 200
Frequency Weekly
Cover Price R6.00
Day of publication Friday
Target market All
LSM group LSM 6 - 10


Distribution: Thabazimbi, Northam, Swartklip, Amandelbult, Dwaalboom, Kromdraai, Rooiberg, Marakele, Setaria, Koedoeskop

Readership Statistics

Black 15%
White 80%
Asian/Indian 2%
Coloured 3%
Income Level
R1 000 - R2 500 10%
R2 500 - R5 000 15%
R5 000 - R10 000 27%
R10 000 - R20 000 33%
R20 000+ 15%

Awards & Accolades

Sanlam Community Newspaper Awards
Best Front Page - 1997 (1st), 2001 (1st), 2003 (2nd), 2004 (1st)
ATKV Award
2005 "Afrikoon" Award
Capro Nissan Award
Best News - 2001 (1st), 2002 (1st), 2003 (1st), 2004 (3rd)
Best Car Focus - 2001 (1st), 2002 (1st), 2003 (1st), 2004 (1st), 2005 (1st)