Noordlike Nuus / Northern News


The leading community newspaper in Lephalale, Bushveld Bulletin, recently purchased Mokopane's local newspaper, Northern News/Noordelike Nuus. After much research among readers and advertisers, the publishers decided to merge the two newspapers under the title Northern News, which now covers news in both Lephalale and Mokopane and the vast Bushveld area in-between with a circulation Of 9000 newspapers every Friday. Northern News

Offers excellent advertising opportunities for national brands and companies wishing to reach readers in both towns. A total of 4000 copies are distributed in Mokopane, 4000 in Lephalale and another 1000 is distributed in the rural and agricultural area served by these two towns. The newspaper is also read in the surrounding townships and former homeland areas. This makes Northern News the largest circulating community newspaper in its area — making it the ideal vehicle for advertisers to promote their services and products and readers to Stay informed.



Vital Statistics


148 Thabo Mbeki, Mokopane & Onverwacht Bussiness Center, Lephalale

Tel: 015 491 3082 / 014 763 5132


Languages Afrikaans, English
Print Order 9 000
Frequency Weekly
Cover Price Free
Day of publication Friday
Target market All
LSM group LSM 5 - 9


Distribution: Mokopane, Lephalale, Mahweleng, Steenbokpan, Sterkrivier, Marapong, Marken, Vaalwater

Readership Statistics

Black 94%
White 4.55%
Asian/Indian 0.36%
Coloured 0.1%
1 - 15 38%
26 - 25 20%
26 - 35 11%
35+ 31%